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About me ...

I am a self taught seamstress with a background in art history and started stitching bags because I couldn't find what I liked in the shops. As a mother of three not so small children it is still important to me firstly, to have both hands free at any moment (whilst carrying an awful lot of stuff) and secondly, to be able to run if I need to.


As I can't make shoes, I decided to make bags instead. Practical, but pretty, bags without too much bling. I love tweed and gorgeous printed fabric and I couldn't understand why the inside of bags was always so much more boring than the outside, when there was so much choice out there.  So I started making bags with really pretty linings. 

I live in rural Cumbria, with my husband and children, in the middle of no where and happily surrounded by fields and wildlife. Having grown up in Shropshire, I love the peace and beauty of the countryside. 


The name Hole House comes from the house itself, we quite literally sit in a little dip, hugged by trees, our neighbours being mainly birds, sheep, deer and squirrels. 

My sewing room is in the barn of our old, traditional Cumbrian farm house.


Emma xxx

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