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Everyone loves a bargain, so if you are after something lovely, but for a little bit less than usual, you're in the right place.


On this page you will find all sorts that I am not happy to sell at full price. However good we are, we don't get it right every time. I have a whole heap of half finished bags sitting in the corner that I have given up on. Coming up with new designs can be a lengthy process of trial and error and in between the abandoned ones and those that work, are often bags that are too nice to scrap but are not quite perfect. From time to time there might also be bags that I want to sell to make room for new ones.


Any faults will be noted on the details, so you'll know exactly what you're getting. More often than not, you wouldn't notice these unless I pointed them out, but I'm honest like that and its really important to me that everyone is happy with their purchases. All items are returnable for a full refund whether they are sale items or not.  


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