Its the last week of term and unlike my children, I am approaching it with a mixture of relief and terror. Not having the school run or lunch boxes to make will disproportionately return precious hours to me each day, only to be snatched back by the amount of time I will need to spend a) breaking up ridiculous arguments and b) shuffling mess around the house trying to make it look better without actually throwing anything away. I am a maker and a hoarder and so I suppose I shouldn''t really be surprised that my children are following by example. The end of term not only signals 6 weeks of mess making at home, but a sudden influx from school of all the things my children have made that year t

Facebook - Friend or Foe?

Facebook has been brilliant for me. Lets face it, I wouldn't be here doing this now if it didn't exist. A few years ago I was quite happily going about the day to day chores of bringing up children, with a husband who travelled a lot and a feeling that one day, in the future, I might have to decide what I wanted to do when I grew up. Having hand sewn cushions like mad when I was pregnant, a stitchy friend introduced me to online fabric shops and I remember my amazement at the sheer quantity and beauty of the fabrics that were out there, just waiting for me to buy them! It was a long, long way from my adolescent trips to our local fabric shop back in the 80's. I bought fabric and made the gir

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