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About Hole House ...

design and sew a range of bags and purses in an array of beautiful fabrics and I only use the best I can find. There is no enjoyment for me in mass producing, cutting corners or scrimping on the details ... so I don't.

I take time to get the fabrics right for each piece, combining tweed with Liberty or vintage barkcloth with a modern cotton, and the attention is always on the detail, those little bits that maybe only you and I would notice. I am a fanatical pattern matcher and pocket obsessive.


Each bag is sewn by me and finished by hand which takes time. My aim is to produce something that not only looks beautiful and unique, but is also functional and long lasting. 


If you look in my shop and there's nothing there, please don't be sad. I will add items whenever I can and if you want up to date information on new products and news of what I am currently working on, please check my Facebook page or have a look at my Instagram feed by clicking on one of the icons below... 


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Fanatical pattern matcher and pocket obsessive...

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